Candace "Supastarc" Wakefield

Candace (SupaStarC) Wakefield is a 5 X Grammy Award winning vocalist, born and raised in Inglewood, California. In April of 2018, she released her highly anticipated debut R&B/Pop album “1993 Camaro (The Journey)” which she wrote and recorded in her 1993 Camaro. Taking us on her journey through the ups and down/highs and lows of her uphill climb to success. Music Industry executives describe her voice as an “Angelic Voice” with vibrations that you can literally feel in your soul, even after the singing ends. The message is equally as impactful with uplifting lyrics that inspires dreamers to never give up. As an artist, Candace exudes a keen individuality that changes the energy around her, making people smile and feel good. Candace was born into a family of music. Her maternal grandmother, the late, great Margaret Aikens Jenkins, was a gospel singer/composer who sang with gospel group “Ladies of Song”. Jenkins sang and composed “The Only Hope We Have” a song that Gospel Legend Mahalia Jackson loved so much, she recorded and released 3 different arrangements.






Baddie is a sexy song representing all the beautiful woman around the world. Highlighting Chicago's very own. 

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Anything by Candace Wakefield

Candace Wakefield

“Anything is a sexy dance record, infused with emotions for your lover who will do anything for you. You thought you were a player until this one came a long and made you realize you’re commitment is solely focused on them. Loving the way that they cater to and serve you”

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Latest singles

Can't Be Without You by Candace Wakefield

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Finally in a place of happiness and stability, Candace brings us her new hit single “CAN’T BE WITHOUT YOU” expressing her love and desire to hold onto the people and things she loves the most.

What Are We? by Candace Wakefield


"What Are We?" expresses the emotions of being  unsure of where your relationship with your partner stands. Questioning if you two are comparable or not.

I Want You by Candace Wakefield


I want you is about coming to the realization that the only person you want to be with is your lover. Temptation at times comes along, but I only want YOU

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